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010//My Kindness is Raw

People say that I will change As if the world can harden me They have looked at me with the same knowing in their eyes, since I was 15 years old As if they can predict that one day my kindness will be all used up it has been eight years since I first noticed it the only difference between now and then is that I cannot be used, stepped on or pushed aside My kindness is as raw as ever.     With Love, Kolina     Advertisements

009//My Mother is a Shapeshifter

How can i understand what it means to provide a home when i have not felt what it’s like to have two hearts beating together i age, and think to myself that i understand sacrifices willpower strength and resilience without ever having the expectation to reciprocate the way She has moulded Herself to fit my life when our souls were empty she was the river that filled me first when i was tired She would rise as sunshine to help me grow when i was weak She became my energy only to give up what little She had left how did i get here if not for Her She is a fortress  a barricade that rose around me that fought against the world for a single soul the wall that has held me strong My mother is a shapeshifter and I am trying to flow into the ebbs and waves of who she is so that i too can lay myself down and ask who do you need be to be? With all of the …

Keep fighting, Stop Struggling: The Miles Levin Story

On the path of others Are resting places Places in the sun where they can meet. But this is your path And it is now. Now, that you must not fail weep, If you can. But do not complain The way chose you- And you must be thankful. –Dan Hammarakjold Something beautiful I wanted to share. With sunshine & love, Kolina *** Image from an unknown source, please email me at if you know the artist so I can give proper credit.

Places Love Exists (Europe Edition)

For about as long as I can remember I have been showered with love. I am so unbelievably lucky to have grown up in a family that said “I love you” more than necessary (you can never say it enough).  I’ve always inherently known that love exists. Love is important. Love is a powerful emotion that guides passion, and caring, and changes the way we interact and give to those around us. However, what took me some time to appreciate is the multitude of ways in which love manifests itself around us. In fact, is has become a huge fascination of mine to search for it everywhere. So in little notes and scribbles I have acquired lists of places where I think love exists. Here is the Europe edition. On a ferry boat in Greece where a father pretends to be a choo-choo train for his little boy up and down the isles. The families on the streets of Paris. Both mom and dad cuddle and play with their children before they brace for the …

008// When does Compassion Become Naivety

I tuck the people I meet into hidden parts of myself and they get lost; preserving their goodness in me like flower petals hidden in a book. They are pressed perfectly in time this way and in so doing I am unable to hold onto the ugly. I see only the parts of them that are fragile, angelic and delicate- and I keep nothing of them other than the impression they left when they first impacted me I did not realize the danger of seeing beauty where it does not belong until I found it making a home inside my heart –when does compassion become naivety k.tavares

Daily Prompt: Retreat

Some random musings as I consider the word “retreat”: When I think of a retreat I think of getting on a plane and starting a new life. I am stepping off of the platform, nothing but my pack on my back, no plans other than to find a place to stay. A place for me, a place where I can retreat to when it’s rainy or the language barrier becomes too much. When I think of retreat I think of running. Red hot sun burning on my back as I pound my way down the beach in my bare feet. Hard breaths in and out as I heave. Breathlessness is where I retreat too when I need to be reminded I can breathe. When I think of retreat I think of you. Making myself so small and tiny against you so that nothing can hurt me. I am curled up and safe as I retreat into the spaces between your heart and your brain. A place where only you can find me. When I think of …