Museums on Museums 

Two museums were visited during our stay in Paris. Quite obviously the Louvre (how can you not) and Musee D’Orsay. The best advice a tour guide gave me while I was in Paris was to give yourself a time limit while at the Louvre. It would literally take you over a year to look at every single piece in the museum. Decide what you want to see most (I suggest getting the Mona Lisa out of the way first) and then just understand that you’re not going to see everything. 

I personally found the Louvre overwhelming. It. Is. Just. So. So. So. Big. I had no idea where I needed to be. I had no idea WHAT I wanted to see. My family started with the Mona Lisa and then went our separate ways. I have heard from many people that the Mona Lisa is underwhelming. I will admit that she is small – you will have to push your way through probably 80 people to see her- she is the only painting on an absolutely massive wall- but I STILL thought she was quite something. I’m going to call the feeling “enchanting in a quiet sort of way”. I couldn’t help but be captivated by her for a brief moment. Then I got elbowed in the back by a tourist with a selfie stick and the moment was over. I do encourage you to check out the other paintings in this room as they are quite magnificent. Specifically the painting across from her- so big I couldn’t fit the entire thing into a photograph. 

I spent the rest of my time wandering through Egyptian artifacts. I saw the tombs of Egyptian gods, an actual Egyptian sphinx ,the statue of Osiris!!! There were coffins upon coffins decorated in an unimaginable fashion. It took me 45 minutes to sorta kinda get close to the “Arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas” area at which point a museum worker informed me I was still too far away and would not make it before the museum closed in 25 minutes. I did however find the Islamic art section which was filled with beautiful artifacts. 

Musee D’Orsay was beautiful. A museum built in on old train station gave the building such a cool modern open concept. The highlights of this museum for me were works by Van Gogh and Claude Monet. I’m a big fan of Impressionism and neoimpressionism and this Museum has many pieces of that style to offer. Kelsey and I had a great time wandering through the various rooms. There was an exhibition that aimed to show artists who had extraordinary talent for drawing connection between space, nighttime and our world that we live in. 

Outside the door to the exhibition were the words “For those searching for the interna in the external” which I believe is a quote by Kandinsky.

A highlight of this exhibit were some Canadian pieces including Emily Carr and Tom Thomson. 
I hope your night is as dreamy & as starry as this exhibition was! 

With love,


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

2 thoughts on “Museums on Museums 

  1. Kolina, I am enjoying your blogs so much. We were in Paris only a short time and didn’t delve into the museums, catacombs etc. but mostly walked, and walked…..
    Such fun to read of your adventures with Mom and Kelsey. I look forward to every one.
    Have a great summer adventure.

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