Little Books & Cider 

Kelsey and my mom went to the British museum this morning, yet again more proof that my sister has a deeper appreciation and understanding of the old treasures this town holds. We see it differently, each adding our own perspective to this trip, both valid in their own ways. Then their are times that our opinions overlap in one way or the other and it’s lovely to bond and giggle our heads off (normally while my mom looks at us like we’re a little crazy.. which lets be serious we probably are).

While they went off looking at mummy’s, I met my friend Kyela’s old roommate, Brooke in south Kensington for a cider. This is Brooke’s third time in the UK and so we spent some time talking about the lifestyle of the people that live here. We talked about how both of our lives are in very exciting places right now. Graduating (or nearly), deciding which country we might live our lives in, ways to advance our careers etc. Now, more than ever, we have choices to make about the way we want to live our lives and we’re actually at liberty to make them. It seems that the world is at our fingertips should we make commitments and work our asses off to get there. Seems simple right? Maybe not so much but I still stand strong in the though that anything can happen if you’re willing to work for it. Brooke took the subway with my up to oxford street to meet my family (thankyou thankyou for helping my directionally challenged self). On the ride she read one of my little poetry books. She also has one off her own that she sent me some pictures of later on. It was refreshing to connect on a very personal level with someone I had only met once or twice before. We spoke of writing honestly about life experiences. Without filtering, it’s important to capture the raw emotions that navigating through this world brings out of us. We found that we had written about the same topics, often time using different words or images to depict the same feelings. That’s fascinating to me. That we could experience something and describe the same thing in different ways. Brooke if you’re reading this keep writing. Someone some day is going to enjoy it just as much as I do. 

With love,


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

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