Food & Drink In London 

Food in london basically means you can eat anything that your little heart desires. I’m not kidding when I say that if you want something, you will find it, you just have to look (and generally speaking, you don’t have to look that hard) I’ve been searching out vegan and vegetarian options because that’s generally how I eat at home. But for the purposes of this trip I won’t be sticking to one specific diet. I’m looking forward to trying the different cultural dishes in each place we visit!

Below are some of the things I ate (.. and drank.. duh)  throughout the week! 

This vegan food joint is located on oxford street. I stumbled upon it on the way back from the tube by chance. As pictured below I had coconut chickpea curry, vegetables & hummus, and a rice mushroom stew as well as a coconut iced latte for around 12 pounds. NOT BAD! (And very delicious) 

Kelsey and I enjoying our long coveted Butterbeer at Hogwarts! 

High Tea- A must do if you are in England!

I really didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but it is such a lovely way to spend some time with the people you’re travelling with. There are multiple courses of tiny dishes as well as scones and desserts at the end. My favourite part was the tea which might sound a little obvious but I’m quite the tea fan at home. 

Bangers & Mash! 

I was hell bent on trying some traditional English food and so I searched out a place that had what was promised to be good bangers and mash. To be quite honest I’m really not sure why I was so intent on having this dish. I don’t often eat meat and I hate mashed potatoes hahah! Needless to say this wasn’t my favourite meal but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it. 

Pictured below is the Mac & Cheese I had at Camden market. By far THE CHEESIEST Mac & cheese I’ve ever had with an interesting twist of pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella on top. 

At Camden market there is a stand where you can order a cereal cocktail! I didn’t get a chance to try it but I thought it was a pretty interesting idea & proof that you really can do anything with alcohol 😉 

By far THE BEST vegan meal I had this week was this crepe at Camden Market. It had tons of vegetables, smoked tofu, tahini, sesame, spinach, roasted squash, and of course the crepe. It was ah-mazing. 

Fish & Chips! A classic. You can get them anywhere in London and you just have to do it even if they aren’t your favourite. Peas seem to come with everything here too. 

If you get a chance, have a 3 Hop lager, it’s brewed in Edinbugh and it’s quite good. 

Tea, scones and clotted cream (sound a lot more “heart attacky” than butter if you ask me haha) from Hampton Court Palace. I mean can you really go to a royal palace without afternoon tea?

Hawkers Ginger Beer. Refreshing! Warning – it’s much sweeater than you think it’s going to be! 

Have a tasty day!!

With love,


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