Camden Town 

Today we ventured out into the more northern parts of the city- the city that holds one of the most amazing markets I’ve ever visited- CAMDEN MARKET. You walk off the tube and immediately the city has a different feel than being right in the heart of london. The buildings are smaller, there’s a rougher sort of artsy feel to the shops and pubs- AND there is room to walk on the sidewalk because it is far less crowded. The buildings here are painted all different colours. It’s lovely. 

The first thing I’ll say about Camden market is that you’re not just going to spend an hour there. There are so many stalls and venues and different levels that you will get lost for an hour before you even find the next area that you want to explore . Just when you think you’ve made your way through the market completely, you turn around the corner and there’s a new maze of hallways and vendors to visit. If you’re into second hand this place is your heaven. I got to 17 and then I stopped counting. If you like food- THIS IS YOUR HEAVEN. They have things like vegan crepes & pancakes, gourmet Mac & cheese, meat from all over the world, Venezuelan street food, and more donuts than you could ever imagine. If you like alcohol- I’ll say it once more this is your heaven. They have a shop where you can get a drink made out of your favourite cereal, gin tasting, a pub etc etc. I could go on but really Camden is something you need to experience for yourself. 

That evening my friends and I grabbed some wine and sat by the river for another sunset. A perfect end to a perfect day. 

Hoping all your days are perfect,

With love,


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

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