Phantoms, churches and towers..oh my!

This morning we went to Westminster Abby and I was absolutely in awe. I stood on the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. It was a spiritual moment for me. I thanked them both thousands of times. I MEAN COME ON! DARWIN AND NEWTON! As someone who’s life it quite dedicated to science I found this fascinating. The church was not only massive but absolutely breathtaking. The audio guided tour, (provided free of charge) was quite informative and could be completed in about an hour to an hour and a half. It’s the only audio guide I found to be strictly informative without the background theatrics and commentary and so I would definitely recommend it. I do not have any pictures to share with you as this is a place of worship and so pictures are not allowed nor appropriate. I’m not always a fan of touristy places however this is definitely one stop I would recommend if you are in London. 

After Westminster Abby we took the tube to London Tower. Here we saw the torture chamber and the crown jewels. I’d recommend getting here early if this is somewhere you’d like to visit. By 2pm the lines were massive and I was thankful we had already gone through the areas we wanted to see. I liked this palace a lot less than Hampton court. It had been modified and set up for tourist purposes and therefore it was harder to imagine the rich history this site holds. If you’re looking for places to visit in Paris I’d recommend Hampton Court or Windsor Castle. However, Kelsey would disagree with me and tell you to go to all three. An interesting fact about the london tower is that there we crows on the grounds everywhere. The BIGGEST crows I have ever seen. Legend has it that the King wanted all the crows executed because they were causing his astrologist issues, however someone reminded him of the tale that stated “if the crows fall, so does the castle” and so there have been crows on site ever since. 

I left Kelsey and my mom to search through London tower on her own time and met up with some friends who happened to be there at the same time! We went up the monument which is one stop off the tube over from london tower. I’d say this is a good alternative (and much cheaper alternative) to the London Eye. Both offer breathtaking views of the city. We then stopped for food and a beer in the street- one of the coolest things about London. On their way home from work people will stop at a pub, order their drinks, and stand in the sunshine with friends. We spoke with some locals who told us about different parts of the city we should visit and enjoyed our beers in the sunshine. 

That evening, as a family, we saw The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s theatre and it. was. phenomenal. Going out to the theatre here is something many locals do around twice a month. Often times if you line up before the show you can get tickets fairly cheap. It’s really interesting to me that the arts are so integrated into their lives. It seems rather appreciated and I like that. 

With love,


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