I think we might be Tourists ~ Days 3 & 4 

We started off our day wondering around. Our plan had been to do a bus tour of London however this had been cancelled and so we decided we would set out on foot and explore. The past two mornings while walking down Charring Street we have passed the statue of a First World War nurse named Edith Cavell. On the statue reads ” Patriotism is not enough, I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone.” I’m a fan of this, and I say a silent thankyou to her each time we pass. 

Somehow, and don’t ask me how this happens, we stumbled upon Buckingham Palace. I’ve absolutely no sense of direction or previous knowledge of this city but I think most people plan to end up here. It’s quite mind blowing to wonder through a city and then somehow find yourself standing in front of literal royalty- and then you turn around and you’re in the middle of a tree filled park with water fowl of all sorts- and then you turn around and you’re on a street filled with people, bookstores and pubs.
We then visited parliament took some mandatory phone booth photos. We stopped and bought some things for lunch and sat on the steps outside near Westminster Abby while people watching and enjoying our sandwiches. (Again seriously.. if you’re travelling in London- Tesco is your BEST FRIEND).  As a family we went on the London Eye which offers an incredible view of the city. We then parted ways and I headed to the Florence Nightingale Museum. This was actually my graduation day and so I revelled at the chance to learn about the nurse who really paved the way for the type of care and practices that we carry out today. 

The following day was spent exploring Hampton Court Palace. To get there you can take the train from Waterloo station to Hampton Court exit. This palace is famous as it is where Henry the VIII resided. We entered a room at one point where Shakespeare himself had performed for the King.  It was impossible to wrap your head around the sheer size of this palace. I wish I could write enough here to do this historical palace justice, however you’re speaking with the wrong sister. I am definitely not the history major on this trip.  I could tell you endless amounts about the energy on the streets of soho, or the way the clouds look when they are sillhouteed against Big Ben, but medieval history is not my forte. What I will say is that it is worth the visit. You cannot help but acknowledge the vast history that this palace holds and the beauty that it contains. How long you wish to stay is up to you. 


With Love,


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

2 thoughts on “I think we might be Tourists ~ Days 3 & 4 

  1. Love reading your blog Kolina – you make it all sound so magical and like we are really there with you.
    This is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit !! Safe Travels and look forward to your next update!
    Cheers Lynne

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