Day Two – Exploring Soho 

We arrived at Heathrow airport tired but very excited. Quite honestly I thought I might marry the boarder guard because her accent was so lovely. 

We made our way to Soho which is the theatre district we’re staying in and it is such an interesting district on London. As we made our way into the city they have flags hanging that read “LONDON. Everyone welcome.” I loved seeing this.  We stopped for a lunch at the pub across the way and then much of our day was spent wandering the streets of Soho before we succumbed to our exhaustion. Here’s what I liked about our first day abroad.

We visited Foyles, the largest bookstore in the world in regards to shelf space. With 5 floors and endless corridors of shelves stocked with books I’d have to agree with them. I made my way to the poetry section which blew my mind. Chapter’s mere shelf of poetry will never again compare to the 13 that Foyles had. Kelsey and I have already determined we’ll be headed back. 

The energy in the streets after 5pm here is incredible. Everyone seems to get off work and head straight for the pubs (which happen to be every other shop). Everyone is spilling out of the bars and standing in the streets with their beers and chatting with their friends. You quite literally have to push through people to get to where you’re going. As this is the theatre district there are shows on every corner, and so there is a buzzing hum of excitement as people head to the show dressed in their best. 

Tesco. A life saver to say the least. If you’re travelling on a budget, or you’re a bit of a health freak like me this is your answer to the food question. We stocked up on groceries for breakfast and cooked our own dinner while listening to the bustling streets of soho below us before we fell asleep. 

That’s all for now, trying desperately to get caught up on blogging but there’s so much to see!

With Love,


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

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