Day One / 66 

I’m currently sitting at Toronto Pearson airport typing this. THAT is a very surreal feeling.

Two years ago my family looked at each other and said “hey, what if we go to Europe together for the summer?” 750 days later here I sit thinking of what to type while I munch on vegan airport food (which BY THE WAY is pretty exciting). It’s astounding to me to consider that in 8 hours I will walk out of the airport to begin our adventure in London, England.

I’m excited.

Over the next 10 weeks we’ll cover seven countries including England, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and Romania. I hope that I am able to somehow capture the essence of the people in these places while we travel. For me, traveling has always been about the way the place feels. Where is the sun (or lack there of), how is the wind, what do I hear in the background if I close my eyes? How are the people. How do they live their lives differently than mine and how are we the same? I cant wait to connect with someone again who’s language I do not speak. I’m excited to be reunited with my fellow Transylvania Saxons. I’m unbelievable giddy at the fact that I’m finally going to be able to travel to the country that my Oma & Opa spent their lives making sure I grew up appreciating. I can’t wait to explore and hike and climb and adventure my way though new places. Bottom line… I’m pretty damn excited.

I hope I can share some of the happy, some of the beauty, a whole lot of the awe, and most of all the poetry that hits me square in the face on this trip– but for now, I’ve got a flight to catch!

Wishing you all a thrilling summer,

With love,


P.S. If you don’t already, you can follow my instragram associated with this blog @withlovekolina. Annnnd to fufill all of your travel bug envy you can follow this link to my personal account @withlovekolina.pt2.


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A 22 year old practical nurse trying to to stretch my heart as far and wide as it will go

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